“Tux” is quite a stylish little buck, he’s very strong, smoothly blended, and quite mature for his age. He was wanting to start “working” at just 4 months old!

His dam is a 1st gen 50%/50%, and took Best Udder In Show and Reserve Champion as a 1st freshener yearling in 2019! Shes also super easy to milk, and has a great laid back personality. And his sires dam has a very correct udder herself!

We hope to use Tux on some of our does to improve and strengthen our udder genetics.

Show Quotes:

We entered Tux in the 2019 Fall Vshow,
He placed 3rd under BOTH Judges!

“Three over four for the depth to the heart girth and the width in the chest floor this give three a wider more correct set to his front legs that show a longer fatter cannon bone.” -Lorelei Hallock
“E is placing over J for his advantage in general appearance. He has more extension of brisket and is longer in bone pattern. He also
has the advantage in dairy strength with a leaner neck and a thigh that is more incurving into the escutcheon.” -Grace Toy


Sire: Grace Abounds URD Blue Nethaneel

Sires Sire: Urban Rebels Duke

Duke’s dam, Princess Martha
Photo Credit Grace Abounds Minis

Sires Dam: Royal Cedars CC Tiki Encore

Photo credit Grace Abounds Minis

Dam: Rubystar BTR PC Bonny Bell

Dams Sire: Pippin Hill DB Prince Charming *B *S

Princes dam, Edelweiss 2*M
Her LA:87 (VEVV) @ 03-10
Photo credit Pixie Brook Farm

Dams Dam: DKGH Rock-It Go Buttercucp

September 2019