BCF LEGACY's RRR Royally Exstatic

This Handsome fellow was born shortly after we lost his sire. His sire was THE ONE that woke our love for quality mini dairy goats, and losing him after loving on him for 7 years was truly a heart wrenching thing to deal with. We’re excited to see what his son will do for our herds. With Royal (2x GCH, 1x RCH, 2x VGCH, 2x VRCH) as sire and a Virtual Master Champion doe as his dam, we feel confident this boy won’t disappoint, and will be a HUGE asset to our program as we continue his sires inspiration, of breeding for highest quality we can achieve. 

Handsome was 1 of QUADS.

Show Quotes:


Sire: W4’s Sir Royal Roan

Sires Sire: Crooked H Black Magic

Photo Courtesy of W4 Caprine Pursuit Mini Nubians

Sires Dam: Echo Hill’s Sweeties Sonora

Dam: VMCH Worththewaite Farm Rue *P

Dams Sire: Breezee Creek’s Moose the Mighty

Photo Courtesy of
Breezee Creek Farm

Dams Dam: Urban Hippie Farm Lillie

Photo Courtesy of
Milkcreek Ridge Mini Nubians

Breeding Record:
2020: N/A

Growing Up:

3 Days Old
Lee Spring 2020 MDGA VShow