Grace Abounds BTB King Solomon *B

I am SO excited to use this fellow in our herd!
I actually helped his dams breeder do the match making that created “Sheba,” and I’ve admired her SO much over the years! She always does well in the vshow. Has the small stature we want, but keeps very nice length and dairy character. Really love her length of body, uphill stance, and rump length and angle!
Hoping to see Solomon continue improving front end assembly, adding more length of body, and bringing down size, while maintaining GORGEOUS udders and great production!

Solomon is a 2nd generation (66.72%/33.28%) Mini Nubian Buck with his *B!
Born 4/14/2021
He’s also polled (naturally hornless) and moonspotted.


Sire: CA Blackberry’s TB Bincho-Tan

Sires Sire: SG Urban Acres Charming Troubadour +*B

Sires Dam: FMCH Blackberry’s Charcoal 2*P

Dam: Beth Re’im BG Queen of Sheba *P

Dams Sire: Camanna EB Blue Giacomo

Dams Dam: Royal Cedars CC Tiki’s Encore

Breeding Record:
2021: N/A

Growing Up: