“Rob” is a fantastic quality fellow!
He has length of body, breed character, dairy strength, correct feet and rump, and hoping to see some amazing udders on his daughters!

His dam earned her *P as a 2nd freshener,
and peaked at 10lbs of milk in 24 hours on twice a day milking!
She was our absolute favorite doe to milk,  with perfectly sized teats,
superior udder texture, and a super snug attachments!
She earned her Virtual Championship title at 5 years old and needs 1 more
Grand win to finish her “Live” show Championship as well!

Show Quotes:

At the PNWMDGC Summer Sensations Show 2019:
Robby placed 5th, 1st and 6th,
and took Grand Champion under judge Rebecca Nix!

In the 2019 Summer Vshow,
Robby placed 4th and 2nd:

“Four over 5 in general appearance for more correct  slope of rump from hip to pin.” -Pat Hendrickson
“E-F General Appearance showing more smoothness of  blending from neck into the shoulders.” -Travis Cockburn

In the Fall 2019 Vshow,
Robby placed 1st under BOTH Judges,
and Took Reserve Champion under BOTH Judges!

“One is placing over two for general appearance, for the smoothness and blending of his neck into the withers and the strength of the front end assembly. He is showing the most correct set of feet and legs and is higher and wider in the escutcheon than two when viewed from the rear.”
-Lorelei Hallock
“A is placing over B for his advantage in dairy strength. He has a longer neck and is more incurring from pinbone to stifle. He also
has the advantage in general appearance with a straighter front leg in side profile, and more width between the hocks.” -Grace Toy

“It’s a little closer looking at the buck in consideration for reserve junior champion. While I admire the body capacity on the senior buck kid,
for the advantage in strength of pastern and length of bone pattern the junior buck kid will be reserve.” -Grace Toy


Breeding History:


Sire: Laz E Acres Mr. Blue Jeans

Sires Sire: Autumnwoods Admiral Reno

Sires Dam: W4’s Sweet Jasmine Blue

Dam: VMCH Worththewaite Farm Rue *P

Dams Sire: Breezee Creek’s Moose the Mighty

Dams Dam: Urban Hippie Farm Lilly

Newborn, just hours old