BCF Legacy’s MB Constance

IMG_4937BCF Legacy’s MB Constance

Connie is a 3rd generation mini Nubian (67%/33%) Doeling
Born July 29th, 2018

Connie’s dam, Betty, comes from a long line of heavy production, from 1 to 1 1/2 gallons a day on twice a day milking! Connie’s sire, Moon Man, also comes from heavy production lines peaking over a gallon a day! While she didn’t inherit any moonspots from her parents, Connie did inherit a lot of style, ears, an uphill stance, and LOADS of dairy skin!
Being born late in the summer, and to a first freshener, made it hard to find a home for Connie. But we managed to make enough money to meet our feed budget for the year without selling her anyways, so decided to hold onto her to see how she turned out as a yearling, then decide from there if we wanted to keep her longer or not.
She is linebred on her sire, Moon Man, (who is also her dam, betty’s, sire).
So she should be a show stopper and a powerhouse milker!

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BCF Legacy’s MB Constance

Sire: Blackberry’s Moon Man


Sire’s Sire: Paradise Peter

Sire’s Dam: Paradise Spirit *P
paradise spirit starP

Dam: BCF Legacy’s Better All The Time

Dam’s Sire: Blackberry’s Moon Man

Dam’s Dam: Proverbs 31 Adelle *P


Newborn Photos:

3 weeks old:

6 weeks old:

Connie September 2018, 6 weeks old post

7 weeks old:
Connie September 2018, 7 weeks old post