BCF Legacy’s RRBA Whole Lotta Love


We didn’t actually plan to keep Lotty, when she ended up lagging behind her brothers in growth spurts due to them hogging their mamas goo dmilk, and Lotty fell ill. So we nursed her back to health, and since it was late in the season, decided it’d be best for her to just stay the winter with us. We will evaluate her again in the spring before deciding if she will be available for sale or if we will keep her for her first freshening before sending her on.

Lotty is a SUPER sweet tempered girl, a lot like her sire was as a baby (and has continued to be as a Senior aged buck). She has huge production on her dams side and superior show animals on her sires side! We are keeping her littermate brother, Lover Boy, to breed to a few of our ladies to improve length of body and briskets, as well as maintain superior milk production.

His dam earned her 2*P as a 1st freshener,
and peaked at 9lbs of milk in 24 hours on twice a day milking, while nursing!
She was by far the easiest and biggest producer of any goat we’ve ever seen!
6 cups alfalfa pellets, 2 cups grain and she’d give us 1 full gallon once a day while nursig triplets the rest of the time as a 2nd freshener!
She also came 1st in her age class under both judges in the 2018 Fall MDGA Vshow!

His  sire was a very special boy to us,
We bought him as a 2 month old and kept him to  years old, he was that special!
He took 2x Grand Champion in the Wine Country Classic, and 2x Grand and 2x Reserve in the MDGA Vshow! He always passed great widh and breed character to his kids,
As well as super temperaments and good toplines!

Show Quotes:

Milk Production (Ave/Peak):

Kidding History:


Sire: W4’s Sir Royal Roan

Sire’s Sire: Crooked H Black Magic

Sire’s Dam: Echo Hill’s Sweetie’s Sonora

Dam: BCF Legacy’s Better All The Time 2*P

Dam’s Sire: VCH Blackberry’s Moon Man

Dam’s Dam: Proverbs 31 Adelle 1*P

3 months