Star Spring 2017, 13.5 months old
BCF Legacy’s Star’s in Her Eyes

Star is a 4th generation mini Nubian (%/%) Doeling
Born February 18, 2016

She LOVES human attention, she enjoys being snuggled and having her face and neck scratched.
She’s got lots of length and width to her, and is very solid on her feet.

Her dam, FCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl, is a Finished Champion
and will be put on One Day Milk Test to hopefully earn her production star, as she is a very heavy milker.

Star’s sire, WRRanch Sir Alfred, is Bebe’s Grandson. Thus Star is about 27% inbred.
He’s a very tall, wide, strong boy, descended from Cornerstone Farm Dirty Harry (a very milky line).
And he’s got a super sweet temperament when it comes to people.

Alfy had busted out of his buck pen directly following my purchase of Bebe Girl (his Paternal Grand-dam).
So this pairing was not planned, but sometimes its the unplanned ones that surprise us the most.
We’re already in love with this girl and on pins and needles to see how she develops as a milker.

Show Quotes:

Star was entered in the Summer MDGA V-Show 2015.

She came 1st in Ring 1 and 2nd in Ring 2, as “Entry A”:
“A over F in the area of General Appearance with a longer leaner neck,
a more correct slope to the rump, and in Dairy Character with a higher escutcheon.”
-Timothy Bell

A places over D for general appearance, with greater smoothness of blending from neck to shoulder.  I n body capacity, she is also slightly deeper and wider throughout.
-Katie Wolf

Star was entered in the 2016 Fall V-Show,
she came 4th in a class of 10 doelings, she was entry “A”:

“A is placing over J for the strength we see in her chine and tightness of elbow to the body when viewed from the side.”
-James Oller

Star at 2 1/2 weeks old:

BCF Legacy’s Star’s in Her Eyes

 Milk Production (Average/peak):
2017: 2.15 lbs/ 3.18 lbs

Kidding history:
2017: 2 Bucks


Sire: WRRanch Sir Alfred
Sire’s Sire: WRRanch Morgan
Sire’s Dam: TWRanch Matilda

Dam: FCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl
FCH TW Ranch BeBeGirl
Dam’s Sire: Moonstone SF Maverick
Dam’s Dam: Moonstone B Fancy

Full Pedigree here:
BCF Legacy’s Star’s in Her Eyes

Star at 2 months old, April 2016:
Star Spring 2016, 2 months old
Star 2 1/2 months old, May 2016:
Star Spring 2016, 2.5 months old post
Star 5 1/2 months old, July 2016: Star Summer 2016 post
Star 6 months old, August 2016:

Star 8 months old, October 2016:

Star 13 months old, udder 1/2 full, April 2017:
Star Spring 2017, 13.5 months old
Star 14 months old, full udder, May 2017:
Star may 2017