FC FARMSTEAD CECILIA 1starM spring 2017Sissy May 2017, full morning udder
FC Farmstead Cecilia 1*M
DOB 12/02/2013 – N1723447

She’s an easy hand milker and used to a machine as well.
Sissy was bottle raised and has been on our farm since she was 3 months old.
She’s a very sweet goat, used to screaming human kids and leads well.

Sissy as an FF:


Milk Production (Ave/Peak):
DHIA Official Record
2016: 6-7 lbs daily average
2017: 8.11 lbs/9.6 lbs

Kidding History:
2016: Triplet Does
2017: Triplet Does


Sire: The FCF Blackie
Sire’s Sire: Coffee Cup’s Hercules
Sire’s Dam: The Macy’s Lady Bitsy

Dam: FC Farmstead Delilah
Dam’s Sire: Globe Theater’s Buster Brown *B
Dam’s Dam: Coffee Cup’s Sara

Full Pedigree Here:

More pix of Sissy:

Day After She arrived Here, LOVE that udder and breed character:

Sissy, March 2017:
Sissy March 2017, late afternoon udder

Sissy 22 days after arriving at our farm, March 2017:
Sissy March 23 2017, empty udder

Sissy 2nd freshening, May 2017:
Sissy May 2017, full morning udderSissy December 2017:

Sissy June 2018, 3 1/2 months pregnant:
Sissy, summer 2018