Baby March 2017, 11 months old postBCF Legacy’s Broadway Baby

Baby is a 4th generation mini Nubian (64.13%/35.87%) Doeling
Born April 13, 2017

Show Quotes:

BCF Legacy’s Broadway Baby also placed in the Junior Doelings class of the 2017 MDGA Summer Vshow:
13th and 5th out of 16 entries:

Broadway Baby Spring 2017, 2 months old

“Entry A over Entry J in General Appearance. Entry A has a longer leaner neck with straighter rear legs when viewed from the rear.” -Lavinia Allen

“A places over C for general appearance. She has greater angulation through the hock in side profile. In body capacity, she has slightly more depth relative to her size.” -Katie Wolf

Entered in the MDGA 2017 Fall Vshow, in the Junior Doelings class:

Baby came in 2nd and 9th (class of 16):

Baby, 4 months old

“A is a very refined doeling, standing in place over J with a longer, leaner neck and greater length of body;”

Baby as a Newborn:
Milk Production (Average/peak):

Kidding history:


Sire: Blackberry’s Moon Man

moon man 2017 v show pix

Sire’s Sire: Paradise Peter

Sire’s Dam: Paradise Spirit *P
Spirit earned her star on MDGA One Day Milk Test as a 2nd freshener
She gave 8.5 lbs of milk, 9.75% fat, 3.23% protein, 4.67% lactose
Reserve Champion x2 MDGA 2017 Fall Vshow

paradise spirit *P

Dam: FCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl
Bebe Spring 2017, full morning udder

Dam’s Sire: Moonstone SF Maverick

Dam’s Dam: Moonstone B Fancy

Full Pedigree here:
BCF Legacy’s Broadway Baby

Newborn Photos:

6 Weeks Old, May 2017:
Baby, 6 weeks old

Baby at 2 months old, June 2017:
Broadway Baby Spring 2017, 2 months old

Baby at 4 months old, August 2017:

Baby 11 months old, March 2018:
Baby March 2017, 11 months old post