BCF Legacy’s FABG Special Day

Special was born July 9th on our daughter Maggy’s 3rd birthday.
She was a total surprise too! We didn’t think Bebe had settled with our bucks that year,
And figured she’d just have the year off.

But, of course, Bebe had other plans for us.
And considering we lost Bebe at 10 years old in September of 2020,
We’re VERY grateful she blessed us with one last doeling for our program to carry on her legacy.

Special was a pleasant surprise, on a special day, and being the last daughter from her dam is truly special to us.

We’re very excited to watch her grow and see how she matures with time.


Sire: BCF Legacy’s BNBG Fred Astaire

“Tux” as a yearling

Dam: FMCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl *P

Bebe at 10 years old

Show Quotes:
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Milk Production (Ave/Peak):
2021: N/A

2021: N/A

Kidding History:
2022: 1 Buck

Growing Up: