BCF Legacy’s RRC Duchess In Gloves

Lovey spring 2020 1

BCF Legacy’s RRC Duchess In Gloves
G6S Normal By Parentage
She is a STUNNING 1st gen (75%/25%) Mini Nubian Doe
Born March 17th, 2020
Her super long ears, length of body, correct topline,
paired with her parent’s superior milk and show ability…
Make her a VERY special doe that we are excited to work with!

Show Quotes:


Sire: W4’s Sir Royal Roan

Sires Sire: Crooked H Black Magic

Photo Courtesy of W4 Caprine Pursuit Mini Nubians

Sires Dam: Echo Hill’s Sweeties Sonora

Dam: FC Farmstead Cecilia 1*M

Dams Sire: The FCF Blackie

Dams Dam: FC Farmstead Delilah

Show Quotes:
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Milk Production (Ave/Peak):
2021: N/A

2021: N/A

Kidding History:
2021: N/A

Growing Up:

3 weeks old
Lovey’s 1st photoshoot, May 31, 2020
10 1/2 weeks old