Blackberry’s Moon Man

moon man 2018 v show pix, fall 2018 postManny is a super sweet boy from CA! He’s got moonspots galore (and passes them on most the time), but he also comes from SUPER heavy milk lines!
His dam earned her *P as a 2nd freshener, giving 8.5lbs of milk in 24 hours!

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Moon Man with his Dam, Spirit


Full 6 Generation Pedigree Here:
Blackberry’s Moon Man

Sire: Paradise Peter


Sire’s Sire: Paradise Zeus


Sire’s Dam: Blue Oak’s Piper Club
(Milks OVER a GALLON a day)

Dam: Paradise Spirit *P
Spirit earned her star on MDGA One Day Milk Test as a 2nd freshener
She gave 8.5 lbs of milk, 9.75% fat, 3.23% protein, 4.67% lactose
She’s placed 2x Reserve Champion Sr Doe in 2017 Fall Vshow, 1x Reserve Champion in March Madness Goat Show!

Dam’s Sire: Paradise Orion
Dam’s Dam: Paradise Poppy
Milks GALLON a day!


Other Relatives:
Moon Man’s paternal 1/2 sister got 1st in her class in the 2016 MDGA Fall V-Show:
“The first place doe is longer throughout.  She is sharper and more smoothly blended from the neck into the withers than the second place doe.  In mammary system A is placing over B for her advantage in mammary capacity and extension to the fore udder we are seeing today.” -James Oller

Manny at 1 year old: 


Manny at 13 months old, in rut:


Manny at 1 1/2 years old, summer 2017:
moon man 2017 v show pix

Manny at 2 1/2 years old, summer 2018:

moon man 2018 v show pix(1) postManny, September 2018: