Reference Bucks

W4′s Sir Royal Roan
Tested G6S Normal
Royal is a 5th gen. American (53.12%/46.88%)
Born April 8, 2013
Deceased December 24, 2019
Royal is a very small, stocky, hairy, well built little buck.
He has good rear leg angulation, excellent breed character,
good angulation from hips to pins, and lots of width.
We lost Royal on Christmas Eve 2019 after a fast, hard battle with Barber Pole Worms. Royal was my first true love and introduced me to the world of Champion Mini Nubian Dairy Goats when he was just 2 months old.
He sadly did not live to see his 7th birthday.

IMG_5531Blackberry’s Moon Man
Tested G6S Normal
“Manny” is a 4th gen. American (66.55%/33.45%)
Mini Nubian Buck, Born 10/13/15
Moon Man comes all the way from sunny San Diego, CA!
BOTH his parents come from the great Paradise herd,
and THEIR dams milk a Gallon or MORE a day!
We’re very excited to see the milk production
that this boy will add to our herd!
We are very happy with the kids Moon Man added to our program, they continue to flourish and do exceptionally well in both milk and show!