For Sale

BCF Legacy’s MMB Golden Girl 2*P
Available: $600

G6S Normal by Parentage
Our Incredible, Moonspotted, 4th gen (64.13%/35.87%) American
Mini Nubian Doe, Born April 3rd, 2019
LOVE this girl’s length! Long ears, long legs, long barrel, long rump…
Goldy is a big, solid girl, with big milk production to boot. She has kidded triplets and quads with ease, zero assistance needed for her births. She over produces in the milk department (she was doing GALLON per day with quads on her). She lacks enough patience to feed all her babies though, so milking her and supplementing the babies a couple times per day if neccessary, or only keep 2 kids on her and bottle feed any extras. She can be very stubborn about getting on the milk stand, but once she understands she’ll only get her feed ON the stanchion, she will run out of her stall and jump on the stanchion and wait for her food. She was a horrible kicker, but now almost 3 months into her 2nd lactation she doesn’t kick at all.
She has been shown both in live and virtual shows, but really HATES to be walked, so would prefer to just use vshow as her platform (maybe someone with a lot of patience could persuade her shows are fun and walking with someone isn’t so scary). She’s not in your pocket friendly, but she will quietly come stand next to you and wait for pets, she will take treats (and very happily), she loves banana peels and animals crackers. She already has her milk star and we have 2 of her daughters for our program. She’s a special girl, so must have a special home that will be patient with her.
Sire VMCH Blackberry’s Moon Man +*B
Dam FMCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl *P

Show Placings:

  • PNWMDGC Show 2019- 2x 2nd & 1x 5th Place Sr Doeling
  • MDGA Summer Vshow 2019- 3rd & 4th Place Sr Doeling
  • MDGA Fall VShow 2019- 5th & 6th Place Sr Doeling
  • MDGA Summer VShow 2020- 8th & 12th out of 18th Yearlings!
  • PNWMDGC Show 2021- 1x 2nd, 2x 1st Place 2 Year Old Milker
  • MDGA Spring VShow- 1x 4th, 1x 1st placed 2 year old milker
  • MDGA Spring Vshow- 1x Best Udder in Class, Best Udder of Breed, Best Udder in Show

Rocky’s Creek Kai Kukui N Cream
FOR SALE In milk $400
1st gen (85.94%/14.06%) Experimental
Mini Nubian Doe, Born May 3rd, 2018
Long, dairy, adorable, with easy kidding and FANCY, fancy udders behind her! One glance at this lovely girls pedigree and you’ll KNOW why we had to add her to the mix here at BCF Legacy! Kuki really needs a lot of personal attention to get her friendly, she’s quite timid with most people. When she bonds to her kids shes a great mom, but if one kid is born in pasture and the other in the barn, she may reject the 1st kid born (we were able to get her to accept her 1st baby along with the 2nd, this year, but took a few days), so you’ll wnat to be sure she gets stalled up before kidding so she bonds well with both kids (she alwasy kids twins). Her udder i absolutely GORGEOUS! High and wide rear udder, foreudder is 100% smooth, no shelf, no pockets, hardly a seem. Really she has one of the BEST udders I’ve seen on a mini. Only fault: Tiny teats. We’ve started doing 12 hr fills though and hoping her teats will stretch to be more enjoyable for hand milking, we’ll also be starting her on the milk machine soon so maybe that will help.
We are likely retaining one of her daughters, so Kuki is looking for a new place as we need to keep our numbers down and she needs someone who can give more one-on-one time with her.
Sire SGCH J&R Spirits HT-K Kaitai ++*B
Dam Little Nut Meg

Starr Family Farms DoeMaker
FOR SALE: $300

1st gen 50%/50% MDGA registered Mini Nubian Buck
“Bo” has some phenomenal udder genetics behind him. He’s very viral, yet kind to the does. He hasn’t been excessively stinky for us, settled his first does when he was just 5 months old. He’s been allowed to free range with the doe herd the last couple years and has been just fine. He’s a bit shy with people, but not aggressive in the least, and gets along just fine with other bucks.
He is AMAZING for strengthening chine, tightening elbows and shoulders, adding brisket, and adding a slightly uphill stance to his kids. He’s also done some lovely improvements to rumps in past kids, and compliments body length very nicely.
he’s Woest-Hoeve on sires side, and Rosasharn with SLR on dams side.
We are retaining a son and several daughters,
We have 1 daughter that kidded this year and her udder is GORGEOUS!
pix above are Bo and the udders are his sires dams, dam, and ff daughters udder.
Click his name above to go to his personal page with more details.

BCF Legacy’s DMM Ice Man P1
Available Wether $100
Born January 4th, 2022
2nd Generation Buckling, Mini Nubian 50.56%/49.44%
Bezoar with roaning, frosted ears, blazed face. Sweet boy, quiet, loves food, easy to handle and walk around.
Sire: Starr Family Farms DoeMaker
Dam: Bad Alibi’s CB Too Marvelous

BCF Legacy’s DMS Mr Special-T P7
Available Wether $100
Born March 7th, 2022
2nd Generation Buck Mini Nubian %/%
Buckskin, blazed face, frosted ears, partial belt, moonspots, blue eyes. He’s bottle raised so obsessively friendly, loves food and attention.
Sire: Starr Family Farms DoeMaker
Dam: BCF Legacy’s Special Day

BCF Legacy’s KSV Jester P13
Available Wether $100
Born April 1st, 2022
3rd Generation Buckling Mini Nubian 62.315%/37.685%
Grey bezoar, solid ears. Super sweet, friendly guy. Loves people!
Sire: Grace Abounds BTB King Solomon *B
Dam: BCF Legacy’s DM Rue’s Valentine

VMCH WorththeWaite Farm Rue *P
Needs Retirement Home: $250
She’s a lovely (65.82%/34.18%) American Mini Nubian Doe.
Born April 23, 2014
Rue continues to be a favorite on the farm. I know I’m gonna cry like a baby when she leaves. But her feet, back and shoulders are starting to show their age, and I’m feeling it’d be best thing for her to retire her from breeding and let her have a much earned rest. She should have many years ahead of her still if retired to a pet home now. If I had space to keep her and prevent her being bred again I totally would do that. She could go with goldy (od give a discount on price if they go together) as they are friends, and they look so pretty together. I am keeping Rues daughter and son, also have a granddaughter and may keep a great-grandson this year. SO her legacy will continue to thrive in our herd. I will miss her a lot though. Her beautiful head and ears, the way she quietly asks for pets and just hangs out next to you without shoving you for attention. She’s a real gem, and you will love her.

Show Wins:

  • MDGA Summer Vshow 2018- 2x 2nd Place 4 Year Old
  • MDGA Fall Vshow 2018- 2x 1st Place 4 Year Old
  • MDGA Fall VSHOW 2018- 1x Grand Champion Sr Doe
  • MDGA Fall VSHOW 2018- 1x Best Sr Doe In Show
  • PNWMDGC Show 2019- 3x 1st Place 5 Year Old
  • PNWMDGC Show 2019- 1x Reserve Champion Sr Doe
  • PNWMDGC Show 2019- 1x Grand Champion Sr Doe
  • PNWMDGC Show 2019- 1x Best Sr Doe In Show
  • MDGA Summer Vshow 2019- 2x 1st Place 5 Year Old
  • MDGC Summer VSHOW 2019- 1x Reserve Champion Sr Doe
  • MDGA Summer VSHOW 2019- 1x Grand Champion Sr Doe
  • MDGA Summer VSHOW 2019- 1x Best Sr Doe In Show
  • MDGA Summer VSHOW 2019- 1x Best Udder In Show
  • PNWMDGC Show 2021- 3x 1st Place Aged Milker

Daystars EHB Cynthia’s Sweet Spirit
G6S Normal by Parentage
1st gen (75.83%/24.17%) Experimental
Mini Nubian Doe, Born 3/25/2015
Gorgeous breed character, long bodied, and most fantastic brisket I’ve EVER seen on a mini! I fell for Spirit when I first spied her in the vshow in 2016 as a yearling first freshener. She went on to get Grand Champion and Best in Show! She gave us twin doelings in 2022, but she’s telling me she’s getting tired and should really be retired this year. We’re milking her and hope to help her earn her milk star and will be trying to get her in the next vshow so she has one last showing (she really is gorgeous). But after that, she will need a new home where she can be a sweet pet the rest of her life. She and Rue (above) get along very well and would make a lovely pair of pets as they are both super sweet and affectionate.
Sire Echo Hills BN Bonanza
Dam B-52’s Sweet Romance

Show wins:

  • MDGA Summer Vshow 2016- 2x 1st place yearling milker
  • MDGA Summer Vshow 2016- 1x Grand Champion, Best Udder of Breed, Best Sr Doe in Show

Check out the New Arrivals Page to see available kids!

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