For Sale

Rocky’s Creek Kai Kukui N Cream
FOR SALE: $400
1st gen (85.94%/14.06%) Experimental
Mini Nubian Doe, Born May 3rd, 2018
Long, dairy, adorable, with easy kidding and FANCY, fancy udders behind her! One glance at this lovely girls pedigree and you’ll KNOW why we had to add her to the mix here at BCF Legacy! Kuki really needs a lot of personal attention to get her friendly, she’s quite timid with most people. When she bonds to her kids shes a great mom, but if one kid is born in pasture and the other in the barn, she may reject the 1st kid born (we were able to get her to accept her 1st baby along with the 2nd, this year, but took a few days), so you’ll want to be sure she gets stalled up before kidding so she bonds well with both kids (she alwasy kids twins). Her udder is absolutely GORGEOUS! High and wide rear udder, foreudder is 100% smooth, no shelf, no pockets, hardly a seem. Really she has one of the BEST udders I’ve seen on a mini. Only fault: Tiny teats. She’s trained to hand and machine milk, if you’ve milked Nigerians or use a machine milking won’t be a problem. She has nice udder texture and orifices, just tiny teats.
We are retaining one of her daughters, so Kuki is looking for a new place as we need to keep our numbers down and she needs someone who can give more one-on-one time with her.
Sire SGCH J&R Spirits HT-K Kaitai ++*B
Dam Little Nut Meg

BCF Legacy’s DMB Super Star

Pending to Cece Plummer: $300
Born March 4th, 2022
2nd Generation Doeling Mini Nubian 50%/50%
Chocolate Buckskin, random white spots, frosted ears and muzzle.
Sire: Starr Family Farms DoeMaker
Dam: Rubystar BTR PC Bonny Bell

BCF Legacy’s DMK Cookie Doe P14
Available: $300
April 30th, 2022
2nd Generation Doeling Mini Nubian %/%
Bezoar, frosted ears and muzzle
Sire: Starr Family Farms DoeMaker
Dam: Rocky’s Creek Kai Kukui N Cream

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