For Sale

FC Farmstead Cecilia 1*M
For Sale: $500

Purebred Nubian Doe
Brown with solid ears, white lace around ear edges. Sissy is a super sweet, quiet, gentle doe. She does great with older children, teens and adults. Her udder is super well attached and sooo soft! Her teat size with her super soft udder texture and gentle manners make her a dream on the milk stand! She peaked at 10 lbs of milk in 24 hours on twice a day milking as a 2nd freshener in 2017. She kidded triplets as a 1st and 2nd freshener (all doelings). If we didn’t need to downsize we’d love to keep her longer. Check out Sissys personal page for more info and pictures.


BCF Legacy’s Better All The Time 2*P
Sale Pending to Melody Faville

2nd gen. Mini Nubian Doe born 2017
White with black and brown patches. Black and white ears. Betty had her first freshening at just 15 months old. It was a hard delivery as both kids presented head first, but she recovered very quickly, bonded well to her babies, and was a perfect mother! She earned her production star at less than  months fresh, and peaked just under 8 lbs in 24 hours with 2x daily milking (separating kids at night for 12 hours). Will be available at weaning time in July.
Out of Proverbs 31 Adelle 1*P by Blackberry’s Moon Man, more info can be found on her personal page.

BCF Legacy’s RRBA Hunka Burnin Love
3rd gen Buck, Born 2019
For Sale: $350
Hunk is SUPER sweet! Great ears, straight front legs, nice angular rear legs, good strength and width from front to back. He’s very smooth on the move, and I’m loving his shoulder set and brisket! I’m retaining his littermate brother for our program. His dam, Betty, earned her milk star as a first freshener last year, this year we had to cut grain out of her diet as she was producing TOO MUCH MILK! We got 8.2 lbs of milk from just once a day milking! With 3 goats in milk, that was too much for yn hands to handle all at once, so we cut grain to bring her production down and she’s still giving a solid 1/2 gallons every morning while nursing triplets! Hunts sire, Royal, was my first ever goat purchase. I saw him as a 2 month old and he has continued to be a favorite with us now as a 6 year old! Both Royals sire and dam each have 2 legs towards their championship, sadly his dam passed away before being able to finish, but her legacy lives on in her kids and grandkids. Hunk moonspots and roaning for bling. 
Out of BCF Legacy’s Better All The Time 2*P by W4’s Sir Royal Roan 

BCF Legacy’s BJR Jimmy Darling
4th gen Buckling, Born 2019
SOLD to the Hillendahls!
Dam is a gallon a day producer, took Grand, Reserve and Best In Show, and littermate brother too Grand Champion at Longview, WA Show. I really love his length of body, nicely sloped shoulders, smoothly blended withers, and gorgeous ears! He also has blue eyes and might have a couple moonspots for bling.
Out of Worththewaite Farm Rue *P by Laz E Acres Mr. Blue Jeans

W4’s Sir Royal Roan
5th gen Buck, Born 2013
For Sale: $500
Royal is a very special boy to us, we brought him home as a 2 month old after he took 2x Grand Champion Junior Buck at the Wine Country Classic. He went on to earn Grand Champion Junior and Senior in the Vshow, as well as 2x Reserve Champion. He’s a shorty, just over 25 inches at the shoulder, but he gets the job done, and his kids have done super well in live and virtual shows! 
Out of Echo Hill’s Sweeties Sonora by Crooked H Black Magic

Blackberry’s Moon Man
4th gen Buck, Born winter 2016
SOLD to Thanh and Liz Duong
We have been beyond happy with Moon Man and what he has added to our herd! His daughters are always an improvement over their dams in regard to toplines and udder attachments, as well as feet and leg stance, and breed character! If we didn’t need to downsize this year, neither of our bucks would be for sale, but we’re looking at moving out of state this summer, so need to downsize big this year. Hoping Moon Mans 2 daughters in Thanh’s herd earn their production stars this spring so he will earn his +B.
Out of Paradise Spirit 1*P by Paradise Peter
Daughters in herd are Betty, and Golden Girl.


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