For Sale

WorththeWaite Rue
Available Mid-August 2018: $400
We’ll be signing Rue up for One Day Milk Test
She’s a lovely 3rd gen American mini nubian.
She’s a very dairy doe, lovely ears, topline,
and great width and length of barrel;
She is a larger sized doe, but she’s very easy keeper (weight and health-wise).
We’re hoping to do One Day Milk Test with her
before she leaves to get her production star,
if she can do that and has the udder attachments we’re hoping for,
then we want to keep a buckling out of her.

Worthethewaite Jet
Available Summer 2018: $75
Jet is an unregistered Mini Nubian/Alpine wether we bought with Rue.
We’ll be building a buck pen for breeding at our place this summer,
so won’t be needing Jet anymore.
He can go with Rue or one of our bucklings,
or can go to someone who already has goats looking for a new buddy.
He’s not “In Your Pocket,” but he has been warming up to us, and is very quiet.
He probably could be “In Your Pocket” if you were to offer him treats.
Our yearling Does LOVE him!

Kids will be posted for sale upon arrival in May and July 2018!


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