For Sale


BCF Legacy’s Clairissa Thistle
Sold to Heidi Pattison!

4th gen Doeling Born 4/11/2018
Brown, multicolored moonspots, small white spots on left side, solid ears.
Out of FCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl by Blackberry’s Moon Man

BCF Legacy’s MB Constance
FOR SALE: $350

3rd gen Doeling Born 7/29/2018
Black, brown swiss marks, frosted ears and muzzle, white poll.
Out of BCF Legacy’s Better All The Time by Blackberry’s Moon Man

WorththeWaite Rue *P
FOR SALE: $400
3rd Gen American Doe (65.82%/34,18%)
Born April 23, 2014
She is the ONLY daughter out of her sire “Breezee Creek’s Moose the Mighty” before he died. She’s a large built doe with a lot of elegance in her style. Her ears are very long and curl at the ends, nose is very roman, chest and heart girth are deep as can be; chine, back, rump are very wide and level. She also has a strong brisket (lacking in many minis these days), and her udder is to DIE for! She has strong medial suspension with a well-defined mid-section to her udder. Teat placement is nearly perfect as well. She peaked at 1 1/2 gallons and her udder is sooo super soft, her teats are the perfect size for handmilking too! I have very bad wrists, but milking Rue is just effortless!
She earned her production star as a 2nd freshener in 2018.
Rue will be available once her kids are weaned summer 2019.

FC Farmstead Cecilia 1*M
FOR SALE: $500
Purebred Nubian Doe
Born December 2, 2013
While Sissy didn’t do great in her first couple shows, the judges always commended her for her excellent mammary, both for attachments and capacity. She has perfect teat placement (and teats are perfect size for handmilking), her udder  texture is very similar to our mini Rue’s udder, super soft, so is very easy on the hands when milking her by hand. Love how high and rounded her escutcheon and rear udder attachments are. She peaked at 10lbs of milk in 24 hours for us last year on twice a day milking. She has a nice wide, flat rump, sharp withers, and is very dairy in skin and style. She’s a real sweety too!
She earned her production star via DHIA 305 Day Owner Sampler Test
as a first freshener in 2017.
Sissy will be available once her kids are weaned summer 2019.


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