For Sale

Rainbow Dust and Cracker Jack
brother and sister, to pet home only!
Super cute and sweet ❤
Both are red bucskin
Out of Rubystar BTR PC Bonny Bell
By BCF Legacy’s RRR Royally Exstatic

BCF Legacy’s DMTM Mr Mouse

2nd generation, POLLED
Single buckling from first freshener, Marvel.
I’m really in love with his dam’s tiny size and lovely udder attachments.
Its gonna be hard to not keep him over his sire, someone please take him!
He’s deep, wide, long, level… extremely promising!
And his dam is a DREAM to milk!
and he’s right about 50/50 percentages, and 75% all new lines!
Pictured above are his Dam, sires dam, and sires sires dam’s udders.
Sire Starr Family Farms DoeMaker
Dam Bad Alibi’s CB Too Marvelous

BCF Legacy’s MMB Golden Girl *P
FOR SALE: $1000

G6S Normal by Parentage
Our Incredible, Moonspotted, 4th gen (64.13%/35.87%) American
Mini Nubian Doe, Born April 3rd, 2019
LOVE this girl’s length! Long ears, long legs, long barrel, long rump…
just everything is long! She kidded TRIPLETS as a 2 year old FIRST FRESHENER totally unassisted,
They were BIG kids too! And she’s milking over a gallon per day 3 months into lactation! Golden will be available after weaning her kids in 2022. Reason for sale: we need to periodically slim down our herd numbers to keep things manageable. Goldy is such a lovely doe, but she comes short when it comes to temperament. She HAS to be fed on the stanchion, and HAS to finish pooping before coming out of her stall in the morning. Shes a diva and knows what her standards are. She will yell if you’re late to feed in the evening, but that’s about it for noise.
Her 2021 daughter Gem is retained for our program.
Sire VMCH Blackberry’s Moon Man +*B
Dam FMCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl *P

Show Placings:

  • PNWMDGC Show 2019- 2x 2nd & 1x 5th Place Sr Doeling
  • MDGA Summer Vshow 2019- 3rd & 4th Place Sr Doeling
  • MDGA Fall VShow 2019- 5th & 6th Place Sr Doeling
  • MDGA Summer VShow 2020- 8th & 12th out of 18th Yearlings!
  • PNWMDGC Show 2021- 1x 2nd, 2x 1st Place 2 Year Old Milker

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