BCF Legacy’s DMR Percival

Nope, yet again, we were NOT planning to keep a buckling this year. BUT, when Rue gave us twin bucklings, and they were phenomenal…. well, end of story.

Perry is long bodied, long level rump, nice rear leg angulation, tight shoulders, pronounced brisket… everything we could want in a buck! And his sweet temperament and moonspots are just the icing on the cake with him.

His dam is a Virtual Master Champion with her milk star who goes back to one of my mom’s foundation does (Cap N Bell’s Black Ravon), and sire is all new lines.


Sire: Starr Family Farms DoeMaker

DoeMaker and Rue’s daughter Valley, full sister to Perry

Sires Sire: Phoenix Pharms Thomas O’Malley

Sires Dam: KK Snowd’N Mez Monet’s Camille

Dam: VMCH Worththewaite Farm Rue *P

Vivi’s 4th freshening udder
Photos courtesy of Davinia’s Farm

Dams Sire: Breezee Creek’s Moose the Mighty

Dams Dam: Urban Hippie Farm Lilly

Breeding Record:
2023: N/A

Growing Up:

Perry 5 months old, August 2022