In Memorium

W4′s Sir Royal Roan
Tested G6S Normal
Royal is a 5th gen. American (53.12%/46.88%)
Born April 8, 2013
Deceased December 24, 2019
Royal is a very small, stocky, hairy, well built little buck.
He has good rear leg angulation, excellent breed character,
good angulation from hips to pins, and lots of width.

We lost Royal on Christmas Eve 2019 after a fast, hard battle with Barber Pole Worms.

I first laid eyes on Royal at the 2013 Wine Country Classic Mini Dairy Goat Show. My mom had just started her mini program and I was in love with all her goats, but seeing 2 month old baby “Royal” i just felt a special connection. Our mentor of the time said he had some great lines that would go well with our herd. But being a newbie, I figured I should probably wait and see how he did in the show.

At just 2 months old, he went on to take 2x Grand Champion and 1x Reserve Champion Junior Buck.

I knew I HAD to have him! I scrounged up all the cash I had on me and convinced my brother that was with me to help me make an offer on him. I practically begged Julie Glenn of W4’s Caprine Pursuit (Royals Owner) to let me buy him even though I only had a fraction of what he was truly worth. She was thrilled we were so excited about him, decided to accept our offer outright.

He was the best buck ever! He always got a little too fat in the summer, so we’d cut his feed way back and take him for walks up and down the driveway. He always wanted to be pet and scratched and talked to, was a gem for setting up and doing photos with (although sometimes he insisted he really just needed a good scratch). Not an aggressive bone in his body, rarely ever sick, got along fine with other bucks (even the more aggressive ones). He was sweet, quiet, unassuming.

I remember one year, he got urine scald so bad on his head and neck he looked like a bald old man for a while, but of course it all grew back by the spring.

He did perform in the Vshow during the time we had him. He got Grand Champion and Best in show as a Jr Buck, 1x Grand as a Sr, and 2x Reserve as a Sr buck. He just needed 1 more Grand win to get his title. Sadly, we lost him before he could claim this honor.

He suddenly got very ill the winter of 2019, we’d lost a couple doelings and finally were told to check out Barber Pole worms. Our friends that tipped us off also told us what they used for their herd when they had been affected by it. We tried to treat Royal, along with the rest of the herd (who weren’t as bad off as poor Royal). Wormed him, tried filling him with electrolytes, tried to get him on his feet and eating… but by the time we figured out the right wormer it was too late. He had suffered too much, and was so tired.

Losing Royal broke my heart in so many pieces, I was grateful to have had the honor of owning him for nearly 7 years, and had used him extensively for our breeding program the autumn before he passed. Gem is his granddaughter sired by his son, and she (like her father before her) inherited her grandsires incredibly sweet personality, and showring style. This girl gives me hope for continuing Royals story on our farm. I know I will never forget that tiny little black and white buck, with puppy dog eyes that I fell in love with in 2013.

FMCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl *P
Tested G6S Normal
Bebe Girl is a 3rd gen. (61.71%/38.29%) American Mini Nubian Doe.
She cames to us as a Finished Champion.
She consistently kidded triplets every year, able to feed all kids no problem and still keep her weight on!
Bebe Finished her Championship as a 2nd freshening 3 year old, and at 8 years old earned her production star via One Day Milk test, which promoted her to Finished Master Champion.

Bebe passed away September 24th, 2020 as a 10 year old 9th freshener.

It was a rough summer, lots of local fires that filled the air with heavy smoke. Air quality was deemed hazardous for people going outside.

The poor air quality caused Bebe to go downhill, she quit eating, her front teeth became loose, muscle tone was diminishing despite our best efforts… we got her to start eating again, but she acted like it was just too exhausting and she became weaker and weaker. She finally passed away in her sleep, with her 25th kid laying peacefully beside her.

Her legacy lives on in her daughters and granddaughters still on our farm.

We seriously considered just selling out of all the goats when we lost Bebe. We’d lost goats before, but hers was especially hard felt. Our focus then went straight into trying to get her baby girl, “Special” to thrive. We had success with her and found the courage to continue our goat passion a bit longer, until it truly became a passion for us again.

Show Wins:

  • Wine Country Classic 2011- 1x Grand Champion Junior Doe
  • Wine Country Classic 2013- 2x Grand Champion Sr. Doe
  • Wine Country Classic 2013- 2x Best Udder of Breed
  • Wine Country Classic 2013- 1x Reserve Champion Sr Doe
  • MDGA Fall Vshow 2016- 2x 1st Place Aged Doe
  • MDGA Summer Vshow 2017- 3rd & 4th Place Aged Doe
  • MDGA Fall Vshow 2017- 2nd & 1st Place Aged Doe
  • MDGA Summer Vshow 2020- 2x 1st Place Aged Doe

BCF Legacy’s FABG “Special Day”
G6S Normal By Parentage
She is a STUNNING, Blue Eyed, 3rd gen (63.28%/36.72%)
Mini Nubian Doe, Born July 9th, 2020
After losing Bebe (above), we realized her baby girl Special was starving. she was very malnourished.
We got her taking a bottle, pumped her full of good vitamins and probiotics, lots of milk, yogurt…
She pulled through, and we were thrilled! She was born on our second daughters 3rd birthday, so Maggy claimed Special as HER special goat. Shes worked with special on walking her a bit, and was excited about learning to milk once Special was ready. We’d go visit in the pasture, and Maggy would tell me, “Mom, when I get old, can I take Special to my house?” “As long as she’s still your goat, you can take her with you, sweety,” I’d reply.
She kidded a single buckling with no issues, she kept him fat and healthy the first 2 weeks of his life.
Then we started doing overnight separation…
Special refused to eat, which meant no milk. she’d eat everything she could during the day and on the stanchion, and would keep her boy nice and plump all day. but would food strike at night and refuse to produce any milk for us. This was frustrating.
Then we ran out of hay over the weekend, had 1 day of no hay for the goats.
We restocked the hay, and the few goats that got the runs bounced back no problem,
except Special.
Special continued to have the runs like water. She refused hay after a couple days, quit drinking, spat out ever good thing we tried to put in her system.
She died in her sleep the night of April 2nd, 2022.
She was much loved during her short life, if I had it to do over again I would send her to a pet home without breeding her, but really I had no way of knowing that her gut had not fully recovered from her time as a kid, and she bonded so much with our girls.
We are all very grieved at her loss, but know she passed fully knowing we loved and adored her, especially Maggy.