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BCF Legacy’s DMR Percival
2nd Gen %/% Experimental Mini Nubian Buck
Born 3/5/2022
Perry is big, lengthy, wide, has a huge “Buck” presence to him. He’s full brother to our girl Valley, so should throw some gorgeous udders. I hope to use him on a couple does then send him to my moms farm to work a while as he’d do so much good for her program.
Out of VMCH Worththewaite Farm Rue *P
By Starr Family Farms DoeMaker

The Davinia’s Nile River
1st Gen 75%/25% Mini Nubian Buck
Born 5/13/22
Nile is a thoroughly GORGEOUS boy, with beautiful long ears, long body, great width, and phenomenal udders and production behind him! We’ve worked hard to get our herd where it’s at today, and hoping he will be a huge asset in getting us to the next level.
Dam: Cornerstone Farm Miss Vivi
Sire: The Davinia’s Westyn’s World