IMG_1056Rue september 2018, 4 years old postWorththeWaite Rue *P

Rue is a 3rd generation mini Nubian (65.82%/34,18%) doe
Born April 23, 2014

She is a VERY dairy doe, with super dairy skin, silky smooth coat, strong feet, straight legs, and a gorgeous head and earset!

Her sire was out of a Daystar buck and one of my moms goats, Cap N Bells Black Ravon. Ravon could go 2 years in milk and be giving close to half gallon a day the whole time!

Rue’s dam, Lilly, is SUPER sweet! And she has a well pronounced brisket and great width. She also has the dairiest skin I’ve ever handled!

All in all, we’re very excited to see this doe freshen and really blossom as a 2nd freshener in 2018!

Show Quotes:

Rue as a kid: 00J0J_7PhICY7mAO3_600x450.jpg

28 3/4″

Milk Production (Average/peak):
2016: 1/2 gallon

Kidding history:
2016: buck, doe twins
kids 20162017: Dry
2018: buck twins


Sire: Breezee Creek’s Moose the Mighty


Sire’s Sire: Daystar’s Sir Joshua



Sire’s Dam: Cap N Bells Black Ravon


Dam: Urban Hippie Farm Lilly



Dam’s Sire: Echo Hill’s Bristow

Dam’s Dam: Cornerstone Farm Thelma 4975639

FALL 2017:



End of November, 2017, 3 years old:
Rue Nov 2017, 3 years old

End of December, 2017, 3 years old:



June 2018, 4 years old:
Rue June 2018, 4 years oldSeptember 2018: Rue september 2018, 4 years old post