IMG_1056VMCH WorththeWaite Farm Rue *P

Rue is a 3rd generation mini Nubian (65.82%/34,18%) doe
Born April 23, 2014

She is a VERY dairy doe, with super dairy skin, silky smooth coat, strong feet, straight legs, and a gorgeous head and earset!

Her sire was out of a Daystar buck and one of my moms goats, Cap N Bells Black Ravon. Ravon could go 2 years in milk and be giving close to half gallon a day the whole time!

Rue’s dam, Lilly, is SUPER sweet! And she has a well pronounced brisket and great width. She also has the dairiest skin I’ve ever handled!

All in all, we’re very excited to see this doe freshen and really blossom as a 2nd freshener in 2018!

Show Quotes:

We entered Rue in the 2018 MDGA Summer VShow,
In a class of 3, she came 2nd in ring 1 and 2:

C is over B in Mammary system being higher rear udder and better balance in rear and fore udder,” -Regina Tervo
“C over B in the area of general appearance with a more level upstanding topline, more level from hips to pins, with front legs set farther back under the withers, and a more incurving thigh. Also in mammary system with better balance when viewed from the side.” -Timothy Bell

We entered Rue in the 2018 Fall MDGA VShow,
In a class of 6 goats, she came 1st under BOTH judges!

B is placing over E in general appearance, being cleaner and more balanced overall in front end assemble; being stronger and deeper in the brisket and heart, in topline being more smoothly blended from neck into wither, greater more uphill from hip to wither and more level from hips to pins, in body capacity B is wider in the chest and greater in prong of rib” -Jena Williams
“B places over E for her strength in general appearance. She is more level across her topline and rump. She also has a stronger attached and higher mammary system.” -Jennifer Lawrence
She then went on to take Grand Champion and Best in show in ring 1!

“Grand Entry B in the 4 year old class. Excels the yearling, 2 year old and aged doe in strength of bone and body capacity, being deeper and wider in the chest Excels the 2 year old and 3 year old in levelness of topline. Excels the 3 year old in more correct fee and legs,
with toes pointed more correctly forward” -Jena Williams
“Best Senior is the min Nubian. she excels the AOM in strength of feet, levelness of rump from hips to pins
and capacity of mammary system.” -Jena Williams

We took Rue to our first ever “Live” show in 2019 at the PNWMDGC Summer Sensations show!
She took 1st in her class under all 3 judges
Took Reserve Champion under judge Amy Akramoff
as well as Grand Champion and Best In Show
under judge Sam Whiteside!

Next we had the 2019 Summer MDGA VShow:
She was a single Entry in her age class, but the judges still had nice things to say about her!

“A single 5 year old is a strong mature doe standing on strong feet and legs with a well supported mammary system.” -Pat Hendrickson
“Commend this doe for the extension to the fore udder and height and width of rear udder” -Travis Cockburn

Rue went on to take Reserve Champion in Ring 1:

“RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION is the five year old having the advantage over the 2nd place 3yr old in dairy strength. She is deeper and fuller at point of elbow and wider in chest floor.” -Pat Hendrickson

And got Grand Champion, Best in Show,
and Best Udder in Show in ring 2!

“Grand 5 year old excels in Mammary with more height and width in the rear showing more extension to the fore udder, exceling the line up with the most balance and symmentry when viewed from side with the most correct teat
placement. She also excels in General Appearance showing the most width in rump and having the most smoothly blended front end”
-Travis Cockburn
“Best Senior Doe: Nubian”-Travis Cockburn
“Best Udder: 5 year old Nubian”-Travis Cockburn

Rue is now a Virtual Master Champion, earning her title,
VMCH Worththewaite Farm Rue *P

Milk Production (Ave/peak):
2016: 1/2 gallon
2017: Dry
2018: 7lbs/10lbs
2019: 7lbs/9lbs

28 3/4″

Kidding history:
2016: 1buck/1Doe
2017: Dry
2018: 2 Bucks
2019: 2 Bucks


Sire: Breezee Creek’s Moose the Mighty

Sires Sire: Daystar’s Sir Joshua

Sires Dam: Cap N Bells Black Ravon

Dam: Urban Hippie Farm Lilly

Dams Sire: Echo Hill’s Bristow

Dams Dam: Cornerstone Farm Thelma

Falll 2017, shortly after her arrival on the farm
Summer 2018, 4 years old
Erly Fall 2018, 4 years old, Took Grand Champion and Best In Show in 2018 Fall Vshow!
Summer 2019, 5 years old, Earned Reserve, Grand, and Best In Show at PNWMDGC show, and earned her VMCH Title in 2019 Summer Vshow!