Senior Does:

IMG_5204FMCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl *P
Tested G6S Normal
Bebe Girl is a 3rd gen. (61.71%/38.29%) American Mini Nubian Doe.
She comes to us as a Finished Champion.
She consistently kids triplets every year, and is able to feed all kids no problem
and still keep her weight on!
Bebe Finished her Championship as a 2nd freshening 3 year old, and at 8 years old earned her production star via One Day test, which has promoted her to
Finished Master Champion.
Bebe will always have a home here and won’t be for sale until  (possibly) retirment.


WorththeWaite Farm Rue *P
Tested G6S Normal
She’s a lovely 3rd gen American mini nubian.
She’s a very dairy doe, lovely ears, topline, and great width and length of barrel;
She also peaked at 1 1/2 GALLONS in 24 hours during her 2nd lactation on our farm!
We’re very excited to retain a buckling from her summer 2019
to improve our herds udder genetics!

IMG_4899 1

BCF Legacy’s Better All The Time 2*P
Tested G6S Normal
2nd gen Doeling Born 4/16/2017
Betty’s dam had super production (peaking at 10lbs of milk in 24 hours) and wonderful udder texture! She’d be SO full, but empty out in just a couple minutes!
And Betty is looking like she will be following in her dams footsteps as being a power-house milker! Her udder attachments are MUCH improved over her dams, teat placement is almost where we want it, and she’s already peaked at 3/4th’s of a gallon while nursing full time and less than a month fresh!

Junior Does:

IMG_4417 postRubystar BTR PC Bonny Bell
Tested G6S Normal
1st gen 50%/50% Mini Nubian Doeling
Born March 6th, 2018
Bunny has all new genetics to offer the mini nubian world. Her dam comes from a long line of serious milkers with Awe-mazing udder attachments and longevity! Her dam’s sire adn his sire BOTH made ADGA’s ELITE Buck List for 2018!
Her sire’s side is also packed full of gorgeous udders, solid productivity, and lovely, long-bodied animals!