Senior Does:


FCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl
We’ll be signing up Bebe Girl for DHIA Milk test
Bebe Girl is a 3rd gen. (61.71%/38.29%) American Mini Nubian Doe.
She comes to us as a Finished Champion.
She consistently kids triplets every year, and is able to feed all kids no problem
and still keep her weight on!



IMG_6625 1

WorththeWaite Rue
We’ll be signing Rue up for One Day Milk Test
She’s a lovely 3rd gen American mini nubian.
She’s a very dairy doe, lovely ears, topline,
and great width and length of barrel;
We’re very excited to see what she’ll add to our herd.


BCF Legacy's Better All The Time, 5 months old

BCF Legacy’s Better All The Time
2nd gen Doeling Born 4/16/2017
Betty’s dam had super production (peaking at 10lbs of milk in 24 hours) and wonderful udder texture!
She’d be SO full, but empty out in just a couple minutes!
Hoping Betty will carry on her dams awesome production and udder texture,
while having a stronger topline, and more width.

Junior Does:

IMG_7653 1Rubystar BTR PC Bonny Bell
1st gen 50%/50% Mini Nubian Doeling
Born March 6th, 2018
Bunny has all new genetics to offer the mini nubian world. Her dam comes from a long line of serious milkers with Awe-mazing udder attachments and longevity!
Her sire’s side is also packed full of gorgeous udders, solid productivity, and lovely, long-bodied animals!