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Senior Does:

Rubystar BTR PC Bonny Bell

Tested G6S Normal
1st gen 50%/50% Experimental Mini Nubian Doe
Born March 6th, 2018
Bunny has all new genetics to offer the mini nubian world.
Her dam comes from a long line of serious milkers with Awe-mazing udder attachments and longevity!

Her dam’s sire and his sire BOTH made ADGA’s ELITE Buck List for 2018!
Her sire’s side is also packed full of gorgeous udders, solid productivity,
and lovely, long-bodied animals!

Show Wins:

  • MDGA Fall VShow 2018- 18th & 8th out of 26 Doelings
  • PNWMDGC Show 2019- 3x 1st Place Yearling Milker
  • PNWMDGC Show 2019- 1x Reserve Champion Sr Doe
  • PNWMDGC Show 2019- 1x Best Udder Of Breed
  • PNWMDGC Show 2019- 1x Best Udder In Show
  • MDGA Summer VShow 2019- 4th & 6th Place Yearling Milker
  • MDGA Fall VShow 2019- 2x 4th Place Yearling Milker
  • MDGA Summer VShow 2020- 2x 1st Place 2 Year Old Milker
  • PNWMDGC Show 2021- 1x 2nd, 2x 1st Place 3 year old Milker
  • PNWMDGC Show 2021- 1x Reserve Champion Sr Doe
  • MDGA Summer Vshow 2021- 1x 4th, 1x 8th in class of 12 three yr old milkers

Bad Alibi’s CB Too Marvelous

On Lease to Celestia Babcock at Wiley Critters Farm
G6S Normal By Parentage
She is a 2nd Gen, Polled, Moonspotted (51.12%/48.88%) Experimental
Mini Nubian Doe, Born May 20th, 2020
Shall I just say….
We are in LOVE with this tiny mama! She’s so dainty, petite,
but has some amazing udder attachments, texture, and BIG orifices!
She kidded a single buckling shortly before her first birthday,
She wasn’t too sure of what to do with her baby for a bit,
but that didn’t last long and she quickly became the ultimate “Helicopter Mom!”
With her phenomenal udder attachments and dainty size,
I feel she is going to be a big asset here at the farm!
Sire Sunshine’s Cowboy
Dam Sonflower Ranch’s Gertie

Show Placings:

  • PNWMDGC Show 2021- 3x 2nd Place Yearling Milker
  • MDGA Summer Vshow 2021- 1st and 5th place (class of 10), Best Udder in class

BCF Legacy’s DM Rue’s Valentine
G6S Normal By Parentage
She is a very feminine 2nd gen (57.91%/42.09%)
Mini Nubian Doe, Born February 14th, 2021
Rue gave us this surprise for Valentines day!
We LOVE Valley’s length of body, tight shoulders, and strong brisket.
Eager to see how she matures!
Sire Starr Family Farms DoeMaker
Dam VMCH Worththewaite Farms Rue *P

Show Placings:

  • PNWMDGC Show 2021- 1x 6th, 1x 3rd, 1x 9th Place (out of 11) Jan-March Kid
  • MDGA Spring Vshow 2022- 1x 6th, 1x 7th place (class of 15) Yearling Milker

BCF Legacy’s REGG Gem-Tastic
G6S Normal By Parentage
Gem is a 5th gen (61.8%/38.2%) American
Mini Nubian Doe, Born February 17th, 2021
LOVE the length of body, ears, long level rump,
and natural sweet temper of this lady!
She really is a Gem in so many ways, even our little humans adore this one!
She’s also Gradn-daughter to BOTH our foundation show does, Bebe and Rue!
Very excited to get this girl in the showring.
Sire BCF Legacy’s RRR Royally Exstatic
Dam BCF Legacy’s MMB Golden Girl

Show Placings:

  • PNWMDGC Show 2021- 1x 7th place, 2x 1st (out of 11) Jan-March Kid
  • PNWMDGC Show 2021- 2x Grand Champion Jr Doe
  • PNWMDGC Show 2021- 2x Best in Show Jr Doe

Junior Does:

BCF Legacy’s DMG Special Surprise
G6S Normal by Parentage
2nd gen 57.065%/42.935% Experimental
Mini Nubian Doe, born March 8th, 2022
This girl is LONG, long legs, long barrel, long rump…
She’s very elegant and dairy, and a big favorite with our little humans!
She runs after our girls and begs for attention the whole time we’re in the barnyard.
Her dam milks like a cow and places well in shows, and we hope to see this girl continue her legacy.
Sire Starr Family Farms DoeMaker
Dam BCF Legacy’s MMB Golden Girl 2*P

BCF Legacy’s DMK Snickerdoodle
April 30th, 2022
2nd Generation Doeling Mini Nubian %/%
I wasn’t going to keep any kids from Kuki, but when I saw her 3rd freshening udder, WOW!
Her udder is high, tight, wide, round… just beautiful, really! So I decided since we are moving Kuki on, I needed to hold onto just one of her girls. Doodle has been the easiest one to win over with a bottle, and I am very happy with her. She has a beautiful head and ears, she’s long bodied, wide, deep, long rump, nicely shaped shoulders, solid feet. Would like to see more rear leg angulation, but we’ll see how she is as she grows out. I’m excited to see her freshen as her Paternal 1/2 sister (Valley) is my favorite milker right now.
Sire: Starr Family Farms DoeMaker
Dam: Rocky’s Creek Kai Kukui N Cream