BCF Legacy’s REGG Gem-Tastic

We weren’t planning on keeping any kids from Goldy’s first freshening, but when she kidded large triplets totally unassisted, excelled in milk production, and this splashy little lady was SO friendly and weedled her way into our hearts… we really couldn’t resist holding onto her!

She’s our first 5th gen, and is a combination of all our favorite foundation lines.
My first buck W4’s Sir Royal Roan, Virtual Master Champion Rue, Finished Master Champion Bebe,
and Virtual Master Champion and +*B buck Blackberry’s Moon Man make up this girls grandparents.
And her parents are already showing as huge assets to our program and the breed as a whole.

To say we’re excited about this ladies future would be a huge understatement!


Sire: BCF Legacy’s RRR Royally Exstatic

Photo taken at 2 months, took 2x 1st, 2x Grand, and 2x Best jr Buck in Show in Spring 2020 MDGA Vshow.

Dam: BCF Legacy’s MMB Golden Girl

Goldy as 2 year old ff

Show Quotes:
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Milk Production (Ave/Peak):
2022: N/A

2022: N/A

Kidding History:
2022: N/A

Growing Up:

3 weeks old
7 weeks old, first hair cut
1 yr old first freshener, 4 months fresh