Muscovy Ducks

Spring 2022 we added Muscovy Ducks to the farm.
We started with 6 ducklings, which turned out to be 4 drakes and 2 hens.
Oops! Haha!

Muscovys have the most amazing meat! Its a beautiful, dark, lean red meat.
My husband grew up on a sheep farm and he compares the Muscovy meat to mutton, its THAT good!

2 of our drakes we slaughtered had a live hanging weight of 7lbs and 6.5lbs at just 12 weeks old, so great size with minimal time and expense.

We are raising Muscovy’s both for meat and egg production. For fun I’m hoping to breed out as much of the white as possible, only exception being our girl Cleo as she’s a great little mouser and she’s so pretty as is.

They’re very prolific as the drakes are very fertile and hens make wonderful mothers. They’re also excellent foragers, so whatever you don’t feed them directly they’ll find in the barnyard on their own. Great for keeping the slug population down too! They also don’t quack and only require a kiddy pool for water, which makes them way less of a nuisance than other duck varieties to keep.

Our current drake is Lyle, and he’ll be moving on soon as we find the perfect fella to join our flock.

We hope to start offering ducklings for sale summer 2023 now our own flock has grown quite a bit.

Meet the Flock:

drake Lyle and Black Mama
Black Mama

Black Mama was one of our original ducklings we bought. She’s a black hen with white head. She hatched out 10 ducklings her first time setting and was such a good attentive mama!

Lilac is a lovely lilac color, possibly pied (her coloring is kinda hard to tell right now).
Hatched on our farm May 31, 2021 by Black Mama
Shes out of Lilac Mama and our Chocolate drake

Baby Blues

Baby Blues is a Blue-Barred hen, she might end up with a white head, hoping she just stays colored throughout as she’s just stunning as she is.
Hatched May 31, 2022 by Black Mama
Pretty sure her daddy was our Blue drake, “Bluey.”

We traded one of Black Mamas boys for this pretty little lady from Vancouver, WA summer 2022. She’ll add some fresh genetics in future for our flock so we can maybe keep a home grown drake for our program at some point.

Lilac Mama

Lilac Mama was the other of our original ducklings we bought. Shes a qhite headed lilac. She successfully hatched 17 ducklings her first time, another very good atttentive mama.


Coco is a Chocolate pied, its possible her head will end up white by the time she’s mature.
Hatched on our farm May 31, 2022 by Black Mama
Daddy was Chocolate


Cleo is our Mouser duck. She loves to catch the baby rats and any mice as a tasty treat, she’s very proud of her abilities too and will show off for us.
Hatched May 31, 2022 by Black Mama
Daddy was “Bluey.”