Goldy ff udder, 3 months fresh 1

BCF Legacy’s Golden Girl

Goldy is a 4th generation moonspotted American (64.13%/35.87%)
Mini Nubian Doe, Born 3/3/2019

Show Quotes:

PNWMDGC Summer Sensations Show 2019:
Goldy placed 2nd, 2nd, and 5th in her Jr Doe class.

Goldy was entered in the Summer 2019 Vshow, 
She placed 3rd and 4th out of 11 kids!
“Three over 4 for her advantage in maturity. More depth, spring and development over the younger doe next in line.” -Pat Hendrickson
“F-E Body Capacity showing more depth in the chest floor” -Travis Cockburn

Goldy was entered in the Fall 2019 Vshow
She placed 5th and 6th out of 20 Doelings!

“Six over seven for the advantages of body capacity she is a longer wider and more developed doe. She is longer and more level on the top line more nearly level from hips to pins and more angular throughout.”
-Lorelei Hallock
“E is placing over J for her advantage in general appearance. She has more width between the hocks, and between the thurls. She also has the advantage in body capacity having more depth of barrel and fullness of the crops.” -Grace Toy

Milk Production (Ave/peak):
2021: 7lbs/8.3lbs

2021: 27 1/2″

Kidding History:
2021: 2 Does, 1 Buck
2022: 2 Does, 2 Bucks


Sire: VMCH Blackberry’s
Moon Man +*B

Photos courtesy of
CA Blackberry’s Herd

Sires Sire: Paradise Peter

Photos courtesy of
CA Blackberry’s Herd

Sires Dam: Paradise Spirit *P

Photos courtesy of
CA Blackberry’s Herd

Dam: FMCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl *P

Dams Sire: Moonstone SF Maverick

Dams Dam: Moonstone B Fancy

2019 pre first hair cut, almost 8 weeks old
2019 post first hair cut, 8 weeks old
summer 2019, 3 months
July 2020, 1 year old
2 year old ff, May 2021