Starr Family Farms DoeMaker

We weren’t planning to add another buck to our program,
but when we heard of some nigi does that accidentally got bred
to a fantastic Nubian fella, we had to check things out! 
We love the lines for this boys sire and dam,
and the udders behind him are just phenomenal!
Super excited to use this boy in our program!

Show Quotes:


Sire: Phoenix Pharms Thomas O’Malley

Sires Sire: Woest-Hoeve Briar O’Malley (LA:85 +V+ @ 1 Yr 5 Ms)

Briars dam, Photo credit Woest-Hoeve Nubians.

Sires Dam: Woest-Hoeve TR Kestral
(LA: 85 (+V+E) @ 02-03)

Dam: KK Snowd’N Mez Monet’s Camille

Dams Sire: Rosasharn SP Monet *S +*B (LA:85 (+VV) @ 05-05)

Monet’s Dam, photo credit Rosasharn Farm

Dams Dam: SLR TKY Porsche
(LA:78 (+AAA) @ 03-03)

Breeding Record:
2020: N/A

Growing Up:

Photo taken at 2 weeks old
Bo 2020 Spring MDGA Vshow