VMCH Blackberry’s Moon Man +*B

Photo credit of CA Blackberry’s Herd
moon man 2018 v show pix, fall 2018 post

UPDATE: Moon Man has moved back to California to continue working for his breeders, Thanh and Liz Duong of the CA Blackberry’s Herd.

Manny is a super sweet boy from CA! He’s got moonspots galore (and passes them on most the time), but he also comes from SUPER heavy milk lines!
His dam earned her *P as a 2nd freshener, giving 8.5lbs of milk in 24 hours!

See Moon Man’s kids and their accomplishments Here!

Moon Man with his Dam, Spirit
Photo courtesy of CA Blackberry’s Herd


Full 6 Generation Pedigree Here:
Blackberry’s Moon Man

Sire: Paradise Peter

Sire’s Sire: Paradise Zeus

Sire’s Dam: Blue Oak’s Piper Club
(Milks OVER a GALLON a day)
Photo Courtesy Of CA Blackberry’s Herd

Dam: Paradise Spirit *P
Spirit earned her star on MDGA One Day Milk Test as a 2nd freshener
She gave 8.5 lbs of milk, 9.75% fat, 3.23% protein, 4.67% lactose
She’s placed 2x Reserve Champion Sr Doe in 2017 Fall Vshow, 1x Reserve Champion in March Madness Goat Show!

Dam’s Sire: Paradise Orion
Dam’s Dam: Paradise Poppy
Milks GALLON a day!

Pix courtesy of Delica’s Elle Dreamery

Other Relatives:
Moon Man’s paternal 1/2 sister got 1st in her class in the 2016 MDGA Fall V-Show:

“The first place doe is longer throughout.  She is sharper and more smoothly blended from the neck into the withers than the second place doe.  In mammary system A is placing over B for her advantage in mammary capacity and extension to the fore udder we are seeing today.” -James Oller

Manny at 1 year old: 

Manny at 13 months old, in rut:

Manny at 1 1/2 years old, summer 2017:
moon man 2017 v show pix

Manny at 2 1/2 years old, summer 2018:

moon man 2018 v show pix(1) postManny, September 2018:

Before moving back to CA, we entered Moon Man is the first ever PNWMDGC Summer Sensations Show in Longview, WA 2019. At which, his first show ever, Moon Man took 1x Grand Champion and 2x Reserve Grand Champion! So proud of him and excited to hear of more conquests by this very special buck in future!

Photo Courtesy Of CA Blackberry’s Herd