Bebe fall 2017FMCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl *P

Bebe is a 3rd Generation American
(61.71%/38.29%) Mini Nubian Doe.
She has a wonderfully attached udder, with good size teats,
nice breed character, good legs, good topline, good shoulders…
what’s NOT to love about this Doe?
And she’s even got her Finished Championship Title to prove she’s got it all!

We are very Excited to have this lovely doe and see what she adds to our herd.
She will be bred to our boy Royal for 4th gen February kids.

Show Results & Quotes:
1x Grand Champion Junior Doe Wine Country Classic 2011

2x Grand Champion Senior Doe Wine Country Classic 2013
1x Reserve Champion Senior Doe Wine Country Classic 2013

In the 2016 Fall V-Show, Bebe was a single entry in the “Aged Does” Class:
“A single entry in the aged doe class of Mini Nubians.  This doe could have stood some competition.  She has a very nice topline and is smoothly blended from her neck into her withers.  She is sharp, angular, and open ribbed.  Her mammary is still well supported and she has good height to the rear udder.  We would like to see her show more capacity to the udder, but a lovely example of a 5th freshening doe.”
-James Oller

In the 2017 Summer V-Show, Bebe was entered in the “Aged Does” Class:

Bebe placed 4th and 3rd out of 4 entries (all Green Gables goats):

Bebe Spring 2017, full morning udder

“Entry A is to be commended for her medial suspensory ligament support to her udder and the capacity of her udder.” -Lavinia Allen

“In a close bottom pair, A places over D for general appearance. She is more nearly level from hips to pins and has more depth of heal. In mammary system, she has slightly greater capacity. She yields to the more smoothly blended front end of D.” -Katie Wolf

In the 2017 Fall V-show, Bebe was entered in the “Aged Does” Class:

She placed 2nd in ring 1 and 1st in ring 2:

Bebe fall 2017

“A is to be commended for her wonderful depth, especially visible in the view of her chest floor;” -Ed Kinser

25 3/4″

Milk Production (Average/Peak):
2018: 5.5lbs/8.5lbs

Kidding History:

2012- 1 Buck, 1 Doe

WRRanch Morgan
WRRanch Morgan

2013- 2 Does

WRRanch Bebe's Spice
WRRanch Bebe’s Spice

2014- 2 Bucks, 1 Doe

WRRanch Bebe's Hillary
WRRanch Bebe’s Hillary

2015- 2 Bucks, 1 Doe
2016- 2 Bucks, 1 Doe

BCF Legacy's Star's in Her Eyes
BCF Legacy’s Star’s in Her Eyes

2017- 1 Buck, 2 Does


2018- 2 Bucks, 1 Doe


Sire: Moonstone SF Maverick
Sire’s Sire: Echo Hill’s Sir Frederick *B
Sire’s Dam: Moonlight Maggy

Dam: Moonstone B Fancy
Dam’s Sire: Cornerstone Farm Bakari
Dam’s Dam: Daystar’s Faith

Full Pedigree here:
FMCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl *P

Bebe Spring 2016, nursing full time:
Bebe Spring 2016, empty udder
Bebe Summer 2016, nursing full time: Bebe Summer 2016, empty udder 2
Bebe end of Summer 2016, still nursing full time:
Bebe March 2017, 1 month pre-kidding:
Bebe march 2017, starting to udder upBebe Pre-6th-freshening udder:


Bebe 6th freshening, May 2017:
Bebe Spring 2017, full morning udderBebe, September 2017:
Bebe fall 2017
Bebe, June 2018: