MDGA 2016 Summer V-Show Results

Its been a very busy year with expecting our first human kid during the time when I would be doing photos of our goats
and prepping them for V-show. So, I was sad to only enter 1 of our 3 girls in the Summer show.

But the results are now up and we’re very happy with our little girls placements in her class!

Star Spring 2016, 2.5 months old post
Star was entered in the Summer MDGA V-Show 2016.
She came 1st in Ring 1 and 2nd in Ring 2, as “Entry A”:

“A over F in the area of General Appearance with a longer leaner neck,
a more correct slope to the rump, and in Dairy Character with a higher escutcheon.”
-Timothy Bell

A places over D for general appearance, with greater smoothness of blending from neck to shoulder.  I
n body capacity, she is also slightly deeper and wider throughout.

-Katie Wolf

Awesome job, BCF Legacy’s Star’s in Her Eyes!
Looking forward to how this girl does in the next V-Show
as she just keeps growing and looking better and better!

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