The Davinia’s Nile River

We needed a buck that would add breed character, while continuing to improve or at least maintain udders, add a little width, and hopefully keep the beautiful length of body many of our does now demonstrate. We also have a couple herds that we try to avoid using in our program simply because they’re so popular and we want to keep our genetics diverse for people to use within their programs.

We looked at a few different bucks in the area and were starting to think we weren’t gonna find what we needed locally.

And then… we stumbled upon a facebook post by Davinia’s farm…. We took a look at the 1st gen mini nubian bucklings they had and Oh, my goodness! They were gorgeous! They didn’t have any ancestry going to the herds we don’t use. They had long ears, great width, length of body, nice squared feet… the udders? YES! They were behind them too! Udder texture so soft, big orifices, nice size teats, strong medial, nice high round rear udder arch, high production… Oh, and temperament! Parents and grandparents are all super sweet, and these boys have been well socialized to be the love bugs that they are.

We do NOT breed for spots, but this boy comes with spots galore. And while we don’t breed for color, I do love that he’s a black and tan, which happens to be my personal favorite color pattern.

I am beyond excited to use this handsome boy in our program and see what he can do for us!


Sire: The Davinia’s Westyn’s World

Westyn’s Littermate Sisters Udder, Westyn’s head in bottom right
Photos Courtesy Davinia’s Farm.

Sires Sire: Zehn Nubians Xander The Great

Sires Dam: Dahlia May’s Farm Midnight Nia
Photos courtesy Davinia’s Farm

Dam: Cornerstone Farm Miss Vivi

Vivi’s 4th freshening udder
Photos courtesy of Davinia’s Farm

Dams Sire: Raptor Ridge Moonstruck

Dams Dam: Cornerstone Farm Black Ice

Breeding Record:
2023: N/A

Growing Up:

Nile at 3 months old, August 2022