Farm Happenings: September 2016

Breeding season is well under way! Adelle came into a raging heat on the 15th, was bellering ALL.DAY.LONG!!! Finally took her to meet Daystar’s Sir John (the buck I selected to breed her with). She had such fun running around with him for close to an hour! Then, it was SO dark out and our friends at Daystar’s farm needed to feed and milk their goats, and I needed to get Adelle home so I could do the same for my girls.

Next morning, she was bellering again! And then our other main doe, Bebe, started bellering and wagging her tail! Yikes! BOTH in heat!?

Took Adelle back to Daystar’s, and then came back and got Star and Bebe loaded up and took them over to my folks place at Breezee Creek Farm to breed Bebe to W4’s Sir Royal Roan (I’m part owner of him). Bebe was definitely in heat, but didn’t want us watching her during her “Date,” so we opted to just leave her in with Royal while I took Star to pick up Adelle from Daystars.

We got Adelle and Star back home, and later that evening picked up Bebe from Breezee Creek Farm, so all were together again! If these girls took, they’ll be due February 15-16! We’ll know in 2 weeks now if they took 🙂

Johnny and I went out to hang with our goaties for a little bit, realized they were being really hard on the fencing my dad and brothers had put up around the small maple trees growing in the field. So Johnny worked a bit on tightening them up, I helped a little bit, but couldn’t do as good a job as Johnny since he’s still stronger than me.

My sister Naomi had helped me clip my chickens wings so they wouldn’t be able to hop the fence, so we let them out to roam and forage a bit, I think they like us. The chickens are really fun, when I go out to the field they’ll come running up to me to see if I have food, if its late they’ll follow me to their house (though they’re usually waiting in their house by the time I get out there), and found today that they enjoy chasing the robins away, haha!

We even brought little Ms. Vicky out to the field, does she look like she enjoyed it?


What a doll! She’s just cute as can be!

Well, I guess this gets us up to date again. Hope ya’ll enjoy the photos!

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