Breeding Season is Under Way…

And… almost over already!?

Yep, We bred Adelle for February kids to Daystar’s Sir John back in September, took Bebe to have a date with W4’s Sir Royal Roan just last week, now we just have our girl Star to breed! Since this will be her first freshening, we’re gonna wait till middle of next month to breed her (possibly to a moon-spotted buck with lines from CA!).

Things are going pretty well. My Hubby and brother-in-law straightened out some things in the barn to make things look bigger and cleaner. And my brother Jeremiah built me some hay feeders for my girls! Yay! So Hubby and brother-in-law, Joey, hung those up for me as well.

The girls have all been very healthy and strong, and Star is downright FAT! We’ve dropped Bebe down to once a day milking (since Star still sneaks snacks during the day), and we’ll work on decreasing Adelle’s supply starting probably end of next month.


This year we’re breeding all 3 girls to get them all in milk.

Adelle: Gonna work on evening out her udder again (she had a single doeling that decided to ONLY nurse from 1 side this year). And we’ll be entering her in the MDGA V-Show.

Bebe: Goal is to get her supply way up, and get her production Star via One Day Milk test (MDGA). And show her in the V-Show.

Star: Again, wanting to see her kid, get her milk supply nice and big, put her on One Day Milk Test (MDGA) and hopefully get her Star in production. And she will be shown in the V-show as well.

Come Fall 2017, we’re planning to breed just 2 does, and milk whoever’s left through. Although, if we keep a doeling from Adelle this year, we may be breeding 3 does again, but we’ll see. Future goal is have 2 does in milk at all times, and rotate breedings each year.

Why rotate breedings? Because 1, it means we’d always have milk, which is our goats main purpose on our farm. 2, it gives the does a chance to prove themselves on extended lactation. And 3, it does give them a bit of a break from kidding, which will help them recover more and consequently extend their breeding years.

We’re very excited about our current pairings for this year, and next year already shows great promise as well!

Hope your breeding season is off to a flying good start! Time to buckle down and go over inventory and stall arrangements for when kids arrive!

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