Got to have some time just hanging out with the goat-ladies yesterday. Since Baby Girl #3 joined our family I haven’t had as much time to just go out and hang out, so it was nice to have some quiet time with the goaties.

Our sweet old lady, Bebe, is due in 9 days! Super excited to see what she’s got cooking in that big belly of hers. She gives me triplets every year! Last year it was 2 bucks and 1 doe, year before it was 1 buck and 2 does, so we’ll see what she gives this year. Either way, I’m keeping a doeling for myself this year! Fyi, she’s shedding her winter coat, and her belly rubs against the doorways going into the stalls, that’s why her hair looks thin in some places.

Rue (our current *Super Star*) is due 2 weeks after Bebe, looking like twins again. Really hoping she’ll have a really nice quality polled buckling in there for me so we can have some polled genetics to play around with.

Sissy *should* be due early May, but we’ll see. She hasn’t had a full heat cycle since our last a.i. with her, but she’s just not making an udder or filling out like the others are. She still has time though, so not gonna give up on her till we’ve passed her due date. She was also bred to a polled buck, so hoping for some polled baby girls. her record is 2 sets of triplet doelings, so fingers crossed she settled.

Betty will be having her 2nd freshening in May, looking pretty good too!

Bunny is already building an udder! It’s only about the size of a small grapefruit, but its there and gonna get bigger in the next couple months! She’s quite round for her size too! Both her sire and dams lines are notorious for having triplets and even quads, so lots of excitement with her about how many she will have! Odds are she’ll do twins, but my mom had an ff kid triplets this year so we’ll see!

So much to be excited about! Our Vicky has claimed Bunny as “Her” goat recently too, which makes me such a proud mama! Vicky will grab Bunny by the collar and lead her around, and Bunny followers without complaint!

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