First Kids 2019!

Kidding season has officially started!

Bebe decided after 5 sets of triplets, and hitting her 9th birthday, its time to slow down just a tad…
She gave birth entirely on her own, without us even in the barn, yesterday morning to 2 HUMONGOUS DOELINGS!

Both baby girls are amazing! Bebe and Moon Man never disappoint me with their kids!

Now the hard part, deciding which to keep!?
Both girls are quite different as far as body style goes, while still being very correct!
I’ll wait to make a final decision until they’ve had some time to grow
and the rest of our does have kidded so we know what else we have to work with.

Check out their photos on our New Arrivals 2019 page!

Next up will be Worththewaite Farm Rue *P!
She was bred to Laz E Acres Mr. Blue Jeans (blue eyes, polled and moonspots),
and she’s due in just 2 weeks! So check back here again soon!

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