Why do I do this to myself? I’m a mom of 3 kids, have 14 goats (including babies), 5 chickens (NOT including the eggs currently being sat on by a broody hen). I milk, I sell norwex cleaning products and CBD Oil; working on getting my goats all trimmed up for their usual photo shoots for the vshow, arranging new homes for goats we’re selling, helping manage my moms herd, and I’m helping put together a goat show!

Its a crazy, busy, life I lead, but really… I wouldn’t change it! I’m finally seeing things coming together for the foundations of my herd, and I am SO excited! Its all milk, milk, milk, and show ribbons and awards for all the hard work! Really, my children are my love and my goats are my passion! These 2 things get me so excited and happy, and exhausted and worn down. Its the things we love the most that make a crazy life worth it!

My norwex and CBD businesses are largely online right now, except for the occasional Norwex party (which are SO fun!). And most our mama goats and babies will be leaving this year, but I keeping the very best for our herd as we prepare for our big move next spring. We’ll be merging a couple babies from my moms herd into my own, only her very BEST will be adding to the program. And then my moms farm will basically become our store front for selling our farm products after the move, and some of her own adorable creations until then.

There’s a lot happening right now, and its a crazy busy life and time! But we love it, and are SO excited for it all to finally come together!


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