Time to Get Jealous!

Haha, you heard that right! Mini Nubians are meant to be bred for smaller stature and milk production, they are dairy after all!

Betty is all that! While I would like her a tad shorter, she’s not a BIG doe at all. She’s not even 2 weeks fresh and already on her way to out milk her mom! I even cut her grain ration in half and she’s still milking like crazy!

I had to start milking her the day after she kidded triplets this year as they were favoring 1 side. They’re nursing both sides now, and all have milk goiters, but they still can’t keep up with her production!

We had a goat emergency out at my parents place, so I skipped milking Betty and just milked the does that were actually full and separated from babies overnight so I could rush out. But that evening, Oh My Goodness! Betty’s udder was SO full and uncomfortable she wouldn’t let her babies nurse, poor things!

I put her on the stanchion and let the 3 babies nurse until they were stuffed! I then milked her out and got 3/4’s of a gallon from her!

I milked her again this morning, and still got 1/2 gallon of milk! And all without being separated from her kids at all!

Her dam line is notorious for heavy milk production, and her sire’s dam is a very heavy producer as well, so this really shouldn’t be surprising… but its still a shock to see her SO full, and her udder is just GORGEOUS this year too! She’s matured well as a 2nd freshener!

pix of her massive udder yesterday:

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