We LOVE seeing photos and hearing from people that have purchased goats from us. This week we got this photo of Brody (son of Bebe and Moon Man). His owner just LOVES him! She says whenever her does go down the hill, out of site from the buck pen, all the bucks start crying for … More Brody

August 24, 2017

The black doeling is out of our boy W4’s Sir Royal Roan and one of my moms does, Breezee Creek’s Pretties Princess. She was born back in February and needed weaning, so we decided to have her temporarily move over her while my doeling that needed weaned (Baby) went to stay at my folks place … More August 24, 2017

BCF Legacy Ice Tea

This is a basic recipe of the ice tea i make during the summer. I use red raspberry leaf as the staple for this tea because it helps up iron levels, has huge benefits for reproductive health in men and women, and helps support milk supply in lactating mothers. I’ve also included fresh nettles to … More BCF Legacy Ice Tea

He’s a Daddy!!!

We purchased our boy Moon Man as a yearling junior buck. However, before we had the priviledge of bringing him to WA, his previous owners used him on a few of their does. the 1st of those does gave birth Christmas Day to TRIPLETS! 2 Does and a Buck! And they all got gorgeous long … More He’s a Daddy!!!