V-Show Fall 2017 Results for BCF Legacy

Bebe placed 2nd in ring 1 and 1st in ring 2 of the “Aged Does” class:

Bebe fall 2017

“A is to be commended for her wonderful depth, especially visible in the view of her chest floor;” -Ed Kinser

In the Junior Doelings class, we entered Baby and Betty.

Baby came in 2nd and 9th (class of 16):

Baby, 4 months old

“A is a very refined doeling, standing in place over J with a longer, leaner neck and greater length of body;”

and Betty came in 9th and 11th (class of 16):

Better All The Time, fall 2017, 5 months old

“B stands ahead of F for more correct structure in feet and legs, and a more correct U-shape to the escutcheon;” -Ed Kinser

We entered our bucks this time as well!

Moon Man was in the Sr Yearling buck class, He placed 3rd in ring 1 and 7th in ring 2:

moon man 2017 v show pix

“A stands ahead of B for strength in general appearance, especially in the chine region of the topline; he also is showing more correct angulation in the rear legs;” -Ed Kinser

And Royal was in the V-show as well, placed 2nd in both rings:

Royal 4 years old

“A is to be commended for the straightness in the front legs as well as for his spring of ribs.” -Ed Kinser

Very proud of our little herd, hoping for many more (and even better) future placings in this wonderful show!

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