August 24th, 2018

Just another less than hot day on the farm…
I  think the goats agree its nice to have it cooler after that huge heat wave we had!

IMG_4291 1

Rue earned her milk star this last month, gave 8.5 lbs on official milk test! Super happy with her and hope to keep a buckling next summer from her. She’s such a sweet, elegant, laid back sort of doe. so easy going!

IMG_4316 1

Bebe continues to assert her position as “Queen” of the Herd. You can see she knows her position and won’t be relinquishing it anytime soon! She also earned her milk star on official One Day Test, and has now officially earned her title of Finished Master Champion! Super excited to keep a doeling from her next year!

IMG_4337 1

The buck we had hoped to breed Sissy to this year has been sold due to life circumstances changing for his dear owner. So we are now on the hunt for another good stud. We can only keep Sissy one more year, and then we must keep a doeling and sell her. We can’t keep pets or does that are dry or eat a lot, and Sissy requires a LOT of feed, she eats as much as our milkers! Good news is, we finally got her weight up! So hoping once we have arrangements made with a good stud, she’ll settle with no issues, then possibily need a diet to slim down a bit before kidding, haha!

IMG_4306 1

Bunny’s dam’s sire made the ELITE BUCK LIST this year! and his sire made the list as well (3rd year in a row), so we are very excited about this little gem! Really hoping she’ll be big enough to breed come November, but we’ll just have to wait and see. If she’s not big enough in November then we’ll just wait till next fall to breed her, better safe than sorry.

IMG_4335 1

Betty is doing VERY well with learning to be a good milker! She’s now jumping up on the milk stanchion all on her own (without me picking her up), and has been milking a minimum of 4.7lbs (max has been 5.22lbs so far) on 12 hour separation! We’ve got her signed up for milk test and hope to do test and Vshow photos of her next month when she’s had a chance to put on a bit more weight and get production up a bit more.

Baby “Connie” is a doll! The whole herd has sort of adopted her now! She sleeps snuggled up with Herd Queen Bebe, nurses from her mom, and hangs out for periods of time with each of the other mamas and plays with Bunny! It almost looks like all the mamas take turns babysitting for Betty, which is very sweet!

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