Milk Stars and Championships!

We purchased Bebe as a 5 year old Finished Champion from Shelley Weber. She was one of Shelley’s FAVORITE goats, but she had to sell out as she’d needed a couple surgeries done on her knees and it just wasn’t fair to have her neighbors keep taking care of her goats for her. She was so sad to sell Bebe, but knew she was going to a home where she would be well cared for and highly valued.

We’ve shown Bebe a couple times in the V-show, but have really wanted to do was Milk Test! Since Bebe already had strutted her stuff in the show ring and had her FCH title, she just needed her production star to rank her up to Finished MASTER Champion (FMCH).

Bebe kidded triplets as usual this year, but her 2 boys didn’t make it so she was down to nursing a single doeling. Her poor udder ended up SO lopsided! She basically milking a 1/2 gallon out of just 1 side of her udder, plus a couple cups of milk from her other side!

At 118 Days into lactation we went ahead tried doing MDGA One Day Official Milk Test. She milked just little over 5 lbs of milk, which made us rather disappointed and pretty much took it for granted she wouldn’t get her star this year. but our other doe, Rue, milk over 8 lbs and was sure to earn her star! So we sent in the samples for both does with their test sheet to the lab. Atleast we’d know what Bebe AND Rue’s numbers were, right?

Well, We got our lab results back the yesterday.

Rue of course passed! According to the mathematical formula on MDGA’s website, Rue got her production star with 93.48 points! Only 71 Points are required to earn a star!

We worked Bebe’s numbers too, her butterfat was a whopping 6.27%! that plus her 5.32 lbs of milk and 118 days into her lactation, all used in MDGA’s formula…. 73 points! 2 points more than needed to get her star!

While didn’t give a HUGE amount of milk on Official test, we do have barn records of her peaking over a GALLON in 24 hours in previous lactations. And she did manage to earn her star practically with only 1/2 an Udder (1 teat tied behind her back? 😉 ) and at 8 years old! Because she’s just amazing like that!

Big Congrats to WorththeWaite Rue *P
And to our Finished Master Champion FMCH TW Ranch Fancy’s Bebe Girl *P!


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